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My field requires me to be licensed. I will be fully licensed and able to practice independently in June, if all goes according to plan. My current job allows for my direct supervisor to supervise me, she is fully licensed in our field. The new company doesn’t have licensed practitioners in my field at all. That means I have to seek supervision outside the agency. This will cost me ~$60 an hour. I will need about an hour of supervision per week. I’m having trouble finding outside supervision. I’m concerned my board won’t consider the new job adequate to meet licensing requirements, although I did some research before interviewing for the position. I also need emergency back up supervision, which is proving challenging as well. I am unable to work from home. My job is comparable to a nurse, teacher, dentist or hygienist in that way. You must practice in an office, because that’s where services are rendered. Not sure why I’m being secretive about it. I’m a therapist/mental health counselor. Hope this additional info helps.