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    Hi all. I am hoping to get some words of encouragement/advice. I am almost 50-years-old and have never lived alone. I went straight from my parents’ home to roommates at college, to married. When my first husband and I split up, we had two small children who remained in my primary custody. I got remarried when they were in high school. My current husband and I are separating and I’m in the process of buying my own home. It will be me and my two kitties. I have an irrational fear of living alone and of loneliness, which has resulted in me staying in unhealthy relationships. I would appreciate any thoughts from women who have lived alone or who currently live alone. Unfortunately, I have focused most of my attention on my relationship, so I have some acquaintances, but few good friends. I would love to hear how you keep busy and meet new people. I’m not interested in meeting a romantic partner. But I would love to make new friends to do things with. Thanks so much!!

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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