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    JoNita Cox

    1. Stay positive & supportive!
    2. Website members: LOGOUT first if you want your post/reply to be anonymous.
    3. Yes, the system requires an email address, we do not anticipate tracking you down.
    4. Spam-like, scam-like, suspicious or malicious posts/replies will be deleted.
    5. Unsolicited attempts to advertise your products or services are not allowed. (if solicited, by all means reply with the information you’re comfortable with providing 🙂 )
    6. For those who want to remain anonymous, choose a name/username that isn’t easily personally identifiable.
    7. Remember, this a public platform.

    Connect. Support. Inspire

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    Susan M Hart

    These rules are clear and so easy to follow!

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    Love you guys!

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    Wondering about workers comp. long story short- my friend has degenerated disc. He works a very physically demanding job. 12-15 hour shifts 4 days straight. On feet the whole time. Heavy lifting etc. He recently hurt his back very bad & has MRI scheduled. It didn’t happen at work but it is caused by the wear & tear from his job. Is this workers comp related or no? He’s never dealt with anything like this & neither have I. He is being monitored by an Ortho.

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    Hi everyone! I’m looking for a marriage counselor/psychiatrist (non religious) that accepts Duke insurance? I prefer a female, as does my husband but am open to anyone wonderful. It would help if you had personal experience with this counselor. Thanks so much!

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    Please help me –
    I got selected for state position where min. education requirement is Associate in comp science or equivalent. I have bachelors in computer science from foreign country. I was asked to get degree evaluation as per US standards which I got it done. As per report, I am bachelors as per US standard but not in computer science as I am short by 8 credits and required position asks for degree in computer science. Do I have any way out for this issue or should I loose the hope of getting this job ?

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    Hi ladies. I recently found out that I got into grad school and I am so excited. I currently work at a bank but will not be able to work that job in the fall. I am looking for a job Thursday through Saturday (doubles) and possibly some sundays at a brewery or a restaurant. I need to make close to if not the same or more than what I am making now. Does anyone know of anywhere hiring? I would be able to work in the fall as well just not as many hours due to the schedule I will have (16 masters credit hours.) I am also open to any other ideas and would be able to work during the day Monday through Friday if not at a restaurant or brewery from now until August. Thank you all in advance for any ideas and recommendations you all may have.

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    I was contacted by HR of a great company in CT. My experience is exactly what they are looking for and he said to apply and they were very excited about my experience. He sends an email saying next steps and the salary range is 20-40K more than I currently make. But, in the email he says full relocation package is included. I would like to know how to approach the company that I am very interested but am not interested in relocating. Even without the pay increase, this company offers better benefits, including pension. I am willing to stay in CT for onboarding and travel there as needed. Do I mention this before we even start process or feel them out first.

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    I am looking for advice on terminating parental rights. Child support is paid inconsistently, sometimes skippimgs weeks/months at a time. What documentation is needed to terminate without the other parents approval? What is considered abandonment… time frame?
    My child is now emotionally struggling.

    Other parent has a long history of drug use, alcoholism and recently domestic violence with new spouse. I do have physical evidence; text from both, pictures, online arrest records.

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    I am really excited about a potential new career opportunity for me however I need some help navigating a question I have regarding anticipated salary. I am very qualified for this role however I do not know the salary range as it is not posted on their website. I have made it to the second round of interviews (this week) however I feel like I need to know the salary before moving forward. I don’t want to waste my time meeting with the team of 6 people if the salary is something I cannot work with. Thanks for your input!

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    I am hoping to learn about what exactly the eviction process is in NC (from the tenants POV) so I know what to expect. I have an awful landlord who I’ve been battling with for months over things like outlets working, sinks not draining, and neighbors smoking both cigarettes and marijuana in their (supposedly nonsmoking) apartments causing mine to smell overwhelmingly like both. I have three small kids, two with asthma that it is greatly affecting. I refused to pay until he does something to remedy the issues and he filed eviction. We have a court date on Wednesday the 9th and I move into our new apartment on the 22nd. I need to know what to expect at this hearing, what to ask for, and if I should be worried about the overlapping 12/13ish days. Thank you for any help!

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