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    A very dangerous man recently quit my company to go to another one. He has done a lot of damage before and even after leaving: systematic defamation, morale and sexual harassment, sabotage, lies, and left a very poor quality job behind that my team will have hard time to recover from. He didn’t have a manager position, yet he was targeting interns, women, new hires with less experience, employees who were dependent on his job… people his position had power on.
    Now he got a much higher position, associate director in a well-known company. I am so tempted to warn them. This man is very mentally ill and can do even more damage with such a position. I don’t doubt his true personality should show pretty quickly. Those people though have an art to disguise in the eyes of some. This man was somewhat quite popular, which allowed him to spread his lies. He is still spraying hate and defamation through social media, or directly with his friends still in the company, targeting relentlessly the good people who tried to stop him: the management and HR. For once, I am in a company where management and HR really tried hard to protect the people he attacked, and they are paying a hard price for that courage. He pretended they were harassing him, such a loyal and honest poor little employee, and blind people believed him beyond reason.
    Any advice on what I could do? For stopping the lies against my management and maybe warning the new company as well? I would love some justice in this world.
    Thank you all!!

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    Susan Hart

    As hard as it is I would focus only on you. Do not put yourself in the “warning others” position. Take care of yourself. And reach out to EAP if you need assistance. Warning others may backfire and end up hurting you. I wish you peace

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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