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    I am dealing with some pretty severe PTSD resulting from ex husband’s abuse of me – it was physical, mental, verbal, emotional, financial and sexual. We’ve been divorced 5 years, but it’s really difficult for me to get past some things, despite lots of therapy. He used to rape me. Very often I would wake with him on top of me. I never reported it. After we separated, I found a video on our computer of him and several of his friends talking about naked pictures he had of me. He was trying to get one of his college buddies to show him a d**k pic and the buddy kept telling him no. My ex husband can be heard on the video saying “I’ll just do what I do to my wife – pull your panties down in the middle of the night. You won’t even know what’s going on”. My questions are:

    1) Would this be enough evidence to charge him with rape?
    2) Is there a statute of limitations in NC for rape?

    I just don’t feel I can get past this without at least pursuing legal recourse against him. I know I should have done it then, but I didn’t.

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