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    A position has come available to me not once but twice, great pay, benefits the whole nine. The downside I will have to do training for 10-12 weeks in another state. I’m a single mom of 3 and their father has a set schedule at his job that can’t accommodate me being gone for 3 months. I don’t have family here and the ones that were willing to come to split time and help got jobs offers themselves. I know I need to step out my comfort zone but I’m not comfortable not knowing that my kids are safe. I have looked into nannies, before care places I haven’t been able to find to take up to a 14 yr old. The job once finish training will be in Raleigh. I am at a lost. What would you do, picking brains? It sucks cause I have to tell them asap so they can make travel arrangements for me.

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    How old are the kids? Are they in school? Where do you live now?

    I have some thoughts on things but honestly whatever ends up happening is going to cost money.

    Feel free to reach out to me privately.

    I have been a professional nanny for 23 years for single parents with no back up care or two parent households that travel extensively. You can be creative in finding childcare for this time. But it will likely cost money but if you can figure out the money it sounds like it will be worth it.

    Some questions
    1. Do the kids stay with Dad at all? Can he relieve a caregiver they you line up?

    2. Are the kids in school?

    3. Are you open to anything single mom?

    4. Do you have a car that the caregiver can use for the time there?

    5. Will you be needing a caregiver once you come back and start work after training?

    Let’s chat.

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    Dad has to be at work at 6 am,
    2 middle schoolers and 1 elementary,
    There is no one else I have asked, the two that were going from out of state to come got jobs, the back up to those is having knee surgery next week. and other family doesn’t drive or have a place to stay.
    prefer not to have anyone use my car
    no childcare after.

    The living situation is very unique so looking to drop off then they do carpool or bus stop.

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    Forgot to mention, I have one that has ADHD and an iep is in place, and on medication. Their father will take over when he gets home from work.

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