Shine in Your Next Job Interview: Part 1

The road to success is never easy. Being willing to work for it and prepare diligently when it is time for interviews is an important part of the hiring process.  This is when the fruits of all the job search effort start to feel like they are paying off and it is your time to shine! In this first part of our blog series, we discuss the importance of metal preparation. Take these steps as you chase your dreams:

Before an interview, make sure to research the company. You will need to have knowledge about the company’s products, services, and mission.  Every business wants to know that you understand what they are about, that you understand their culture and will be a good addition to their team. Use your knowledge of the company to ask questions during the interview. Both parties should use the interview as a time to determine how well the fit is between potential employee and employer.  The interviewer is weighing out how well you think on your feet, your passion, your drive, and commitment.

Know your strengths and use them to your advantage. Be confident regarding your skills and be so unapologetically because these strengths are valuable to a potential employer.  Be mindful and confident in the skills, talents and experiences you have used to achieve past results; own your role in those achievements. Communicate how you want to expand on your capabilities and grow.

Being over-prepared can sometimes not be as beneficial as you might think.  Trying to think about all possible questions that could be asked and memorizing facts and “perfect” answers only adds to nerves and steals the joy of the experience. You may come across as too rehearsed and interviewers appreciate an appropriate give and take in conversation. You do not need to know all the answers to every question. Companies do expect some level of conformity, but there is only one of you and you are the asset. You need to be comfortable with you.

Be aware of your weaknesses, but do not let those weaknesses distract you from the amazingly strong individual you are. Sell yourself; no one else is going to do this for you.  Be honest, but do not be afraid to highlight the areas that allow you to shine.

Realize nerves are normal and accept them. There will be parts of the interview that you will be uncomfortable with and unsure about. Uncertainties are part of the interview process with which everyone must deal. Try reframing your fear: nerves demonstrate that you care and are enthusiastic about the prospect of the future. You were asked to interview and the organization recognizes you could be fit for their company. They see potential in you which means you are already a frontrunner. Give yourself the liberating gift of shifting how you perceive the possible outcomes of the interview. The risks are worth it. You are worth it. This is a necessary step to your own personal greatness.

More information on how to prepare to shine in your interview is coming soon in Part 2 of this series.

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