4 Great Job Options for Retired Seniors

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Many retired seniors find themselves wishing for part-time work. Whether you want to supplement your income or you just want to try something new, there are lots of great jobs that are perfect for you to earn some extra cash while still enjoying retirement.

Librarian Assistant

Libraries are incredible community hubs, offering a place for people to learn and connect, and providing resources that people may not otherwise have access to; in fact, low-income patrons make up 35 percent of the library’s free internet users. If you’re a bookworm who loves helping people, this may be the perfect job for you. Some responsibilities include shelving books, answering questions, and cataloging. Since library hours can vary widely, you will most likely be able to have a flexible schedule while working in a serene, quiet environment.

Pet Sitter

Multiple studies have shown that having pets can lower your blood pressure, reduce symptoms of depression, and increase self-esteem. If you’re an animal lover, why not reap these benefits while getting paid? Pet sitting and dog walking are excellent ways to help other people in your community, and they often allow you to be incredibly flexible with your time. Additionally, dog walking gives you an opportunity to get some exercise, which can help put you in a good mood, keep you healthy, and even increase your lifespan.


Do you love teaching? Tutoring offers a great opportunity to connect with people and share your knowledge. Because there are so many different ways to tutor, you’re sure to find something that suits you. Think about what age group you’d like to work with, what type of subject you’d feel comfortable teaching, and whether you want to work with students one on one or in groups.

If you want to tutor in person, you might try working with local schools and adult education centers. However, another option is to teach from home; this may appeal to tech-savvy people who want a little more flexibility. Try teaching English on sites like VIPkid, or create a profile on Tutors.com to find all sorts of topics and age groups to teach.


If you’ve always loved writing, sharing advice, or telling stories, blogging might be a great way for you to earn some money from home. You don’t need to have any prior experience; as long as you have a computer and internet access, you can begin right away. Bloggers earn money from affiliate links and ad revenue, and once you’ve gotten a few posts under your belt and built up a following, you can begin earning more and more. This job lets you completely set your own hours. You can work from anywhere and write about anything you want.

No matter what kind of job you’d like to pursue in retirement, it’s important to stay technologically connected. While smartphones may seem like an unnecessary expense, they are a vital part of professional life. If you choose to work virtually, a smartphone can help you stay connected and work from wherever you are. And even if you aren’t working from home, having a good phone ensures that your supervisor or customers can always reach you.

With its large screen and 15 hours of battery life, the iPhone XR is an excellent choice. This smartphone also enables face ID for easy access to all of your apps, and you can quickly make payments in any store. For Android users, the Sony Xperia XZ2 is a great option. It features a fingerprint sensor, a powerful camera, and Bluetooth 5.0 wireless technology.

Whatever device you choose, staying connected makes it easy for any retired senior to enjoy retirement without giving up the satisfaction of a job well done.


As a senior herself, Sharon Wagner understands that an older body and mind impacts the daily lives of many seniors. She created SeniorFriendly.info to offer advice geared specifically toward seniors to help them make healthier choices and enjoy their golden years.

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